How Does the Cost of Occam’s ETS Compare with Competition?


by | Nov 19, 2019

Your IVR/IVA, Natural Language applications and ACD systems are not set-and-forget technologies. Your customer’s experience (CX) needs to be at the heart of how your IVR system processes incoming calls to your call center. Many businesses struggle to understand why inbound calls are being abandoned and are often too slow to identify the issue. While enhancing your IVR or integrating IVAs, Natural Language applications and Bots into your customer service infrastructure is cost-effective and hugely beneficial for business, it could also result in many negative and damaging interactions as your escalation team tries to extinguish preventable fires.

You can eliminate a significant amount of friction by adopting a philosophy of continuous improvement when it comes to your CX. Occam’s Experience Testing System (ETS) offers a comprehensive, easy to use solution that allows you to track and monitor the path a customer’s phonecall takes throughout your organization. This enables you to quickly recognize any hurdles the customer may be encountering and fix the niggles that may be costing you time and money.

Understandably, the requirements for this service will vary from company to company. Many growing businesses are reluctant to commit to subscription-based contracts without seeing results first. As a growing business ourselves, we genuinely understand this concern, which is why we have developed our revolutionary usage-based pricing model. It allows you to experience the benefits of our ETS without committing until you’ve had firsthand experience with our software and are confident that we are the right fit for you.

Zero commitment access to our platform

Our user experience testing system has been expertly designed to increase the accuracy of your contact center testing; we’ve spent a long time developing the tools and features that we know will matter to a scaling business.

Our platform allows for automatic mapping of IVR applications to generate an up-to-date overview for your operations development team. You can also make use of call recording and analysis features, which enable you to identify any irregularities. ETS automatically creates editable test scripts allowing for immediate execution and quicker resolutions.

We know that other testing providers also offer free trials, but what happens when the free trial is over, and you’d still like to use the service, but can’t factor the hefty subscription fee into your budget just yet?

Like you, we place CX at the heart of all our business planning, and we recognize that you may not need a full suite of services while you’re still trying to reach your financial targets. So instead of leaving you high and dry at the end of your trial, we allow you to carry on using our platform, only paying for the tests you run. In this way, you’re driving your business forward with all the handy information you collect from Occam’s ETS, without feeling the pressure of a sizeable overhead to justify to stakeholders.


What happens when you start achieving your goals?

There’s a lot of bad stigma around call centers, and for many service-based businesses, the success with which yours operates will determine whether customers bother to use your services at all. Now that you’ve started using Occam’s ETS system, however, you’re likely to see a vast improvement in how you resolve issues, in customer feedback, and the speed with which you can tackle problems. That’s fantastic news for your company and your profit margins. Naturally, this means further organizational growth and more frequent tests to maintain this high level of service. We know that at this stage in your company’s development, paying for tests individually may no longer serve your needs, which is why once you are spending $1500 per month with us, we will call up to discuss a better payment package that reduces your costs by as much as 70% per test.

At this point in the journey, you should be a seasoned pro in navigating our platform. Equally, we’d have gained a good understanding of your unique business needs, meaning we can tailor our offering to suit your budget and your continuous upward scaling.

Why usage-based pricing works

As your market share expands, your products and services are likely to evolve in order to serve the needs of a larger audience. As you introduce new layers to your business model, your IVR system will face new challenges, and the pressure for consistent customer service delivery will be higher than ever. To remain responsive and proactive when it comes to resolving issues, you need a continuous testing platform that can perform complex checks and diagnostics quickly and efficiently.

Competitors may lead you to believe that in order to get a high-quality service, you need to commit to an expensive subscription from the onset; however, that’s not always an easy decision to make.

Occam understands this, which is why we have identified the need for a modifiable price plan that doesn’t lock you into a rigid subscription, which may require a higher-level decision maker to approve the expense. With our usage-based pricing option, you can start delivering changes immediately, improve your customer satisfaction score, and then make the call on whether you’d like to make a further investment in our services.

If you’re excited to try out our platform, we invite you to do so for free, with no pressure to commit before you’ve experienced our full suite of features and benefits. You can access Occam’s powerful ETS tool for free by clicking here. If you have any questions or need some guidance while you explore our software, just give one of our friendly experts a call, we’d be happy to assist you.


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