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What is Razor Virtual Agent Technology?

Razor Virtual Agent Technology is a cutting-edge solution designed to replicate the actions of live agents within a contact center.

It negates the need for human testers, providing a more efficient and automated testing process that can simulate real-world interactions.

How It Works

Our Razor Agent Servers log into your Contact Center Environment as Agents, controlling their behavior to act like real Agents.

Whether you need to test inbound or outbound functions, Razor offers a comprehensive solution suitable for both On-Premise and Cloud Contact Center Deployments.

Why You Need It

Testing and Verifying Migrations
Ensure smooth transitions with thorough testing. Read more

Ensure smooth transitions with thorough testing. Ensure a seamless transition during system migrations, updates, or deployments by utilizing Razor’s advanced simulation capabilities. This feature allows for thorough testing and verification, ensuring that new implementations work harmoniously with existing systems, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the integrity of the contact center operations.

Simulating Agent Behaviours for Peak Events
Prepare for peak events like Black Fridays with mass logins. Read more

Prepare for peak events like Black Fridays with mass logins. Prepare for high-traffic scenarios like Black Fridays or promotional events by simulating agent behaviors under strain. Razor’s technology can mimic mass agent logins, call handling, and other critical functions, providing insights into how the system will perform under real-world peak conditions and allowing for proactive adjustments.

Measuring Readiness
Assess the Contact Center Environment for super peak events. Read more

Assess the entire Contact Center Environment for super peak events. Evaluate the holistic performance and readiness of your contact center environment with Razor’s comprehensive measurement tools. From agent login capabilities to third-party app responses, gain a detailed understanding of every operational facet, ensuring that the system is primed for efficiency, reliability, and exceptional customer interactions.

Resource Optimization in the Testing Phase
Maximize your operational efficiency with Razor Virtual Agent… Read more

Maximize your operational efficiency with Razor Virtual Agent Technology by eliminating the need for agents or testers to answer test calls. Our automated testing process frees up valuable human resources, allowing them to focus on customer engagement and other high-priority tasks.

Key Features of Razor Virtual Agent Technology

Realistic Simulations

Razor provides realistic simulations for more accurate testing and performance analysis.

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamlessly integrate with your current systems and scale as needed.

Compliance and Security

Meet industry regulations and standards with confidence.

Cost-Effective Solution

Balance comprehensive testing with budget constraints.

What we measure

From Agent Login/out capability to Third Party App responses, Razor measures every aspect of your Contact Center Environment.

1. Agent Interaction and Behaviour

2. Call Handling and Quality
3. System Performance and Functionality

IVR / IVA functionality.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA) are automated telephony systems that interact with callers, gather information, and route calls to the appropriate recipient. Razor ensures that these systems function optimally, providing callers with a seamless and efficient experience.

DTMF (touch-tone) functionality.
Latency measures the time it takes for a data packet to travel from the source to the destination. Round Trip Latency calculates the time for the packet to go to the destination and back. Razor’s metrics ensure minimal delays, guaranteeing real-time communication and optimal call quality.

Latency and Round Trip Latency. 
Latency measures the time it takes for a data packet to travel from the source to the destination. Round Trip Latency calculates the time for the packet to go to the destination and back. Razor’s metrics ensure minimal delays, guaranteeing real-time communication and optimal call quality.

Jitter refers to the variation in time between data packets arriving, caused by network congestion, route changes, or other temporary issues. Razor measures jitter to ensure consistent data flow, which is crucial for maintaining clear voice communication.

Packet Loss.
Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data traveling across a network fail to reach their destination. Razor’s metrics detect and analyze packet loss, ensuring data integrity and maintaining the quality of voice communication.


DTMF (touch-tone) functionality

Latency and Round
Trip Latency

4. Third-Party Integrations

Third Party App responses – Screen Popping, wrap-up duties/
actions, call recording verification. Examples:


Systems Razor’s integration with CRM systems like Salesforce or HubSpot serves as a critical testing mechanism for your customer experience (CX) operations. The platform can simulate real-world scenarios where customer data is either retrieved or updated during a call.

For instance, Razor can validate that after a customer interaction, the CRM system is updated correctly, whether it’s logging a call, updating customer details, or even triggering a follow-up action. This ensures that your CRM system is not just a data repository but an active participant in enhancing customer experience.

Helpdesk / ticketing systems

Razor’s integration with helpdesk and ticketing systems like Zendesk or ServiceNow ensures that post-call actions are executed correctly based on
your customer CX operations’ configuration.

The platform can simulate customer interactions that should trigger ticket updates or automatic actions, such as sending follow-up emails or assigning tasks to specific agents. By doing so, Razor verifies that all automated processes linked to ticketing systems are completed successfully, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer service workflow.

Chat and messaging platforms

When integrated with chat and messaging platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, Razor serves as a robust testing platform to validate the performance of these communication tools within your CX operations.

Razor can simulate scenarios such as automated alerts being sent to agents or supervisors based
on specific customer interactions.

For example, if a customer’s issue is escalated,
Razor can test whether an automated message is successfully sent to a supervisor’s chat, ensuring
that internal communication mechanisms are functioning as intended.

Knowledge base platforms

Razor’s integration with knowledge base platforms ensures that agents have quick, reliable access to essential information during customer interactions.

The testing platform can simulate agent behavior, such as querying the knowledge base for solutions to common customer issues. This ensures that the knowledge base is not only accessible but also provides accurate and up-to-date information, which is crucial for resolving customer issues efficiently.

AI and Chatbot Solutions

When integrated with AI and Chatbot Solutions, Razor acts as a comprehensive testing platform to validate the efficiency and accuracy of your automated customer service channels. It can simulate a variety of customer queries to ensure that chatbots provide timely and accurate responses.

Additionally, Razor can test the transition process from chatbot to human agent, ensuring that the handoff is smooth and that no customer data is lost in the transition. This level of testing provides confidence in your automated systems while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Cloud storage and file sharing

By integrating with cloud storage and file-sharing solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, Razor
can rigorously test the efficiency and security of document access and sharing during customer interactions.

For example, Razor can simulate the process of an agent retrieving a contract from cloud storage and emailing it to a customer, ensuring that these tasks can be performed quickly and securely. This level of testing ensures that your cloud storage solutions are reliable components of your overall customer service strategy.

Transform Your Contact Center with Razor

Key benefits

Simulate Agents Under Various Strains

Test your environment under different levels of stress without the need for live agents.

Proactively Identify Potential Issues

Catch and fix problems before
they impact your customers.

Measure and Manage Performance

Hold providers to SLAs and manage third-party applications effectively.

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