Secure Your Telecom Network by Eliminating Simbox and Bypass Fraud

You’re responsible for safeguarding your telecom network against revenue-draining activities like Simbox and Bypass Fraud.

You need a robust solution that not only identifies
but also quantifies and eliminates these threats.

Why Choose Razor?

We specialize in conducting non-intrusive analyses of your network to measure the financial impact of Simbox and Bypass Fraud.

Our deep integration capabilities enable us to offer detailed analytics on the origins of fraudulent traffic and activities that span multiple networks.

Our Approach: Customized Strategies
for Comprehensive Detection

Adaptive Testing

Fraudsters are agile and quick to adapt. Our strategies are designed to stay one step ahead by frequently changing test numbers and employing multiple detection methods at once. We act swiftly to block offending SIMs and maintain a lean team to minimize internal risks.

Advanced Monitoring

After the initial phase of elimination, we intensify our efforts to identify and remove even the most elusive operators, ensuring the long-term integrity of your network.

Global Traffic Insights

Our platform handles over 250k test calls daily from around the world, allowing us to quickly pinpoint high-risk originating countries.

Detection Techniques:
Tailored to Your Needs

Network Probes

These are independent of your network, reducing the risk of internal collusion.

SIP Interconnect with Virtual MSISDNs

This minimizes the risk of white/blacklisting and allows for human-like test calls.

CDR Reconciliation

This method allows us to make calls to any number on your network without the concern
of being blocked.

Our Approach: Customized Strategies
for Comprehensive Detection

Budget-Friendly: You’re in Control

You can choose the number and duration of test calls to fit your budget. Our charges are competitive, and we offer advice on optimizing call patterns for maximum effectiveness.

Zero False Positives

Our self-generated test traffic ensures that only actual offending SIMs are flagged, offering you evidence-based results.

Notifications and Reporting

Choose your preferred method of being notified about offending SIMs—real-time via FTP, daily via email, or through automated blocking with daily reports.

Enhanced Services

Automated SIM Blocking

Speed is of the essence. We offer varying levels of automation to block offending SIMs as quickly as possible.

Cross-Network Solutions

We can identify and eliminate fraud that spans multiple network operators, offering you comprehensive security.

Ready to Fortify Your Network?

Contact Razor to initiate your customized strategy for eliminating Simbox and
Bypass Fraud today.