Razor’s IVR/IVA
Discovery and

Revolutionize Your Contact Center with Razor’s Pioneering IVR/IVA Discovery and Mapping Service

Unlock the Full Potential of Your IVR/IVA Systems


In today’s competitive landscape, your IVR/IVA system is more than just a set of menu options; it’s the backbone of your customer experience.

Razor’s IVR/IVA Discovery and Mapping Service is the key to unlocking a world-class customer journey, ensuring no dead ends, loops, or poor-quality prompts stand in the way.

Why Choose Razor’s IVR/IVA Discovery and Mapping?

Comprehensive Discovery and Documentation

Our service traverses every branch of your IVR/IVA system, capturing all endpoints and recording every prompt.

The result? A visually appealing, easily navigable map complete with audio recordings and Speech-to-Text
files for each prompt.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Eliminate up to 90% of the effort required by traditional manual documentation and test creation.

Our automated system highlights inaccuracies within your IVR/IVA, allowing you to create a fully documented and monitored system in minutes, not months.

Full Exportability and Flexibility

Export your IVR/IVA map as a PNG file for easy sharing and documentation.

Initiate and schedule tests directly from the interactive map, and create editable test scripts without the need for specialized programming knowledge.

Real-Time Management and Testing

Our Razor TCG (Test Call Generation) servers initiate calls into your IVR/IVA, capturing all data and presenting it in an interactive map format.

This enables you to manage, test, and track changes on your IVR/IVA with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Benefits That Transform Your Business

Full Management and Insight

Gain a 360-degree view of your IVR/IVA system, complete with audio recordings and visual representations.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Save time and money by automating the documentation and test creation processes.

Reduced Operational Risks

Identify and eliminate errors within your IVR/IVA, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage fully exportable documentation and graphics to make informed decisions.

When You Need Razor’s IVR/IVA Discovery and Mapping

To identify and eliminate errors within your IVR/IVA

To prepare your IVR/IVA for changes or migrations

To manage, test, and track changes on your IVR/IVA

To create test scripts quickly and efficiently

Ready to Transform Your IVR/IVA?

Take the first step towards a future-proof customer service landscape. Explore Razor’s IVR/IVA Discovery and Mapping Service and unlock unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Outpace the Competition with Superior IVR/IVA Mapping!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your contact center to new heights. Your IVR/IVA system is the key to a future where
customer satisfaction and operational efficiency coexist.