Customer Experience and Quality Assurance Monitoring from the Perspective of your Customer

ETS provides customer experience monitoring through continual feedback and insight from your customers’ perspective into the performance of your contact centre operations. From connecting with the carrier through to the agent desktop, ETS alerts you to issues before they impact your customer experience, contact center operations and revenue.
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Customer Experience Monitoring is critical for organizations seeking to improve the performance of agents, avoid disruptions and outages and improve the overall customer experience. ETS’ monitoring capabilities were designed to provide visibility into all aspects of a deployment to ensure the consistent performance of the applications and systems supporting the Contact Center environment. In addition to continual monitoring, the solution is able to conduct real-time alerting (via email, SNMP or SMS) of any potential issues or outages to ensure teams can resolve them before they impact the experience of the customer.


Performance Monitoring

Enables managers to track system performance and interactions to ensure they meet organizational standards.

Real-Time Alerting (Email/SMS/SNMP)

Providing real-time alerts; ETS will inform the appropriate teams or individuals with details of the issue.

Performance and Availability Monitoring

Optimize the performance of the Contact Center by reducing the impact of outages with system monitoring; resolving issues quickly through automated monitoring.


Early Identification

Spot issues before they impact performance or customer service.

Flexible Deployment Options

To support a wide range of business needs / models.

Unlimited Testing

With unlimited tests at your disposal you can monitor your systems as often as you like.

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