RANA by Occam: Your Complete Solutions for Remote Agent Network Analytics Monitoring

Monitor, control, and enhance voice quality across your agents’ remote environments.

The Need for Razor RANA

With the growing trend of agents working from home,
IT teams face the challenge of ensuring visibility into both their own networks and the home networks of their agents.

The lack of control over these factors can lead to inconsistent customer experiences. Enter Razor RANA, a comprehensive solution that ensures consistent quality regardless of location.

Razor’s Features and Benefits

Unparalleled Visibility & Control

Monitor the voice quality of remote agents in real time.
Get automatic alerts and live call data to maintain control over your operations.

Improve Resolution Times

Utilize Razor’s advanced analytics to identify and resolve issues faster, letting you focus on other vital aspects of your business

Enhance Productivity

By resolving issues quickly, you enable your agents to better support your customers, enhancing overall productivity

Improve Customer Satisfaction
& Reduce Churn

Effective communication leads to satisfied customers and loyal agents. Razor helps you maintain quality, boosting sales and morale.

How Razor Works

Razor enables real-time monitoring of multiple voice quality metrics, such as connection strength, jitter,
MOS score, latency, and more.

With a single numeric quality score, you can identify and rectify capacity and reliability issues, ensuring consistent
high-quality voice connections.

Unique Features of Razor

Browser-Based App

Accessible via any modern browser, Razor allows for flexibility and ease
of use.

Real-Time Alerting

Stay informed with real-time alerts that keep you aware of vital metrics.

Integrates with Support Ticket System

Razor integrates seamlessly with
your existing support ticket system, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Full API Access for Easy Integration

Customize and integrate Razor using our full API access for a tailored experience.

Test Capabilities

Conduct detailed tests on metrics like jitter, MOS score, speeds, and latency to guarantee optimal performance.

Why Choose Occam?


“With unparalleled experience in monitoring both cloud and telephony infrastructure, Occam delivers solutions that ensure a flawless customer experience.

Trust in our commitment to quality, backed by our proven track record.”

See How We’ve Helped Others

Hear from satisfied customers who have experienced success with Razor. Explore case studies that demonstrate how Razor has transformed remote agent network monitoring.