Razor – Precision
Load Testing for
Contact Centers

In the dynamic world of contact centers, delivering exceptional customer experiences isn’t just a goal – it’s the new standard.

At Occam, we understand that your mission is to provide unparalleled customer service, regardless of call volume or interaction complexity.

That’s where Razor’s established load testing feature comes in, a trusted solution designed to optimize your architecture, pinpoint and rectify breakpoints, harmonize your technology, teams, and third-party providers, and ensure that your incremental improvements lead to a flawless customer experience.

Our Services

Managed Load Testing Services

System bottlenecks or performance hiccups shouldn’t stand in
your way. With Occam’s managed load testing services, we take
the uncertainty off your plate.

Our team of experts utilizes Razor’s proven load testing feature
to simulate realistic call volumes and interactions, scrutinizing individual aspects of your architecture to pre-empt potential
issues before they disrupt your operations.

We ensure that your technology, teams, and third-party providers operate in perfect harmony, providing you with comprehensive reports and actionable insights. With Occam, you can focus on
your true calling – delivering exceptional customer service.

Razor – Your Tool for Precision Load Testing

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, Razor’s load testing feature offers a reliable way to conduct your own load and stress tests with precision and confidence.

Examine individual aspects of your architecture, identify and
rectify breakpoints across on-prem and CCaaS, and ensure that your incremental improvements lead to a flawless customer experience.

With Razor, you’re not just testing your systems – you’re leveraging
a proven tool to transform your customer service into an experience they’ll never forget.

When to Leverage Razor’s
Load and Stress Testing

In the rapidly evolving landscape of contact centers, staying ahead of potential issues is crucial.

Razor’s load and stress testing feature is your trusted ally in maintaining optimal performance and delivering exceptional customer experiences. But when should you utilize this powerful tool?

Before a Major Release or Update

Ensure your system is ready to handle new features or updates without compromising performance. Razor helps you identify potential issues before they impact your operations.

Peak Times

Whether it’s a holiday season, a marketing campaign, or a product launch, Razor enables you to confidently handle increased call volumes, ensuring seamless customer experiences during high-demand periods.

Regular Maintenance

Incorporate Razor’s load and stress testing into your routine system maintenance. Regular testing helps pre-empt potential issues, keeping your system performing at its best.

System Failure

In the unfortunate event of a system failure, Razor assists you in stress testing after issue resolution, ensuring your system is now robust enough to handle the load that caused the failure.

Infrastructure Changes

Implementing new servers or moving to a new data center? Razor ensures your system performs optimally in its new environment.

Third-Party Integrations

If your system integrates with third-party services, Razor’s load and stress testing ensures these integrations don’t negatively impact your system’s performance.

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Razor – Empowering Your Contact Center Performance

Razor is designed to help you accomplish your critical tasks effectively, providing you with the assurance and evidence you
need to demonstrate your system’s readiness, optimize third-party integrations, and deliver clear User Acceptance Testing (UAT) results.

1. Achieve Unwavering Confidence

With Razor, you can be assured that your entire environment is primed and ready to handle even the busiest peak periods. Your job is to deliver seamless customer experiences, and Razor helps you do just that, no matter the demand.

2. Demonstrate System Readiness

Razor enables you to confidently showcase to stakeholders that your systems are not just operational, but optimized for purpose. When you need to instill confidence in your stakeholders, and Razor provides the evidence you need.

3. Implement Changes with Assurance

Razor allows you to make significant changes to your environment, safe in the knowledge that performance issues and bottlenecks won’t creep in. With the need to evolve and improve, Razor ensures that progress doesn’t come with unwanted surprises.

4. Maximize Value from Providers

With Razor, you can ensure you’re getting full value for money from all carriers, service providers, and platform vendors. Your job is to manage resources effectively, and Razor helps you hold your providers accountable.

5. Optimize Third-Party Integrations

Razor ensures that third-party integrations function seamlessly, even during super peak periods. You job is to deliver a unified customer experience, and Razor ensures that every element of your system contributes to that goal.

6. Deliver Clear UAT Results

Razor enables you to confidently showcase to stakeholders that your systems are not just operational, but optimized for purpose. When you need to instill confidence in your stakeholders, and Razor provides the evidence you need.

7. Minimize Rework and Scope Creep

With Razor, you can reduce rewrites, bug fixes, and scope creep by delivering fully tested services with demonstrable test results. When it’s critical to deliver projects on time and within scope, Razor helps you maintain focus and control.

With Razor, you’re not just managing your contact center – you’re elevating its performance to new heights.

Unleashing the Power of
Razor’s Load Testing Metrics

In the intricate world of contact centers, your job is to
ensure optimal performance across all touchpoints.

Razor’s load testing feature is your secret weapon, providing you with detailed metrics that help you understand your system’s capacity and performance.

Here’s what Razor can measure for you:

Provider Capacity and Performance

Razor helps you gauge the capacity and performance
of your number providers, including DID’s, Toll Free,
Non Geo numbers, and more. This empowers you to ensure seamless connectivity.

Carrier Capacity

Razor enables you to measure the capacity of your carriers on circuits, channels, and ports. This equips
you to manage your resources effectively.

Carrier Performance

With Razor, you can assess carrier performance in terms of Audio Quality (MOS), Latency, and PDD. This supports you in delivering clear and timely communication.

Contact Center Capacity

Razor allows you to measure the capacity of your contact center ports and channels. This assists you in handling customer interactions efficiently.

IVR/IVA Capacity

Razor enables you to measure the capacity of your
IVR/IVA ports, channels, queues, and branches.
This aids you in streamlining customer journeys.

Calls Per Second (CPS) Limits

With Razor, you can measure your system’s CPS limits.
This helps you prepare for high call volumes.

API Calls and Response Times

Razor allows you to measure API calls and response times to and from third-party applications.
This enables you to ensure seamless integrations.

With Razor, you’re not just monitoring your contact center – you’re gaining a deeper understanding of its performance, empowering you to deliver exceptional service, every time.

Trusted by

Occam – Your Partner

in Excellence

When you’re tasked with delivering exceptional customer service, you need a partner who
understands your challenges and shares your vision.

At Occam, we’re not just providing a service or a tool
- we’re helping you fulfill your mission.

Whether you’re striving to optimize your system’s performance, plan for capacity, or simply ensure a smooth customer experience during peak times, Occam and Razor are here to make it happen.

We no longer need to consider testing fees when         enhancing our CX

The fact that our Razor license offers unlimited testing throughout the year means we no longer need to consider testing fees when making changes to enhance the customer experience. Razor Discovery is perfect! We needed updated documentation on exactly how our IVR was performing. It didn’t disappoint!

Gavin Curley
Operations Director @ Telecom Company

Occam’s Razor provides us flexibility tailored to our      needs and requirements

Occam helped us to build a solution around what we needed to achieve. They provided flexibility tailored to our needs and requirements. Occam’s Razor has encouraged us to move beyond contingency management and take a more strategic approach to drive growth and improvement across our call center.

Mass Diabiase
Telephony & Networks Telecomms Specialist

Razor provided the reassurance we needed to have       everything working as we expected

Setup and configuration of the software was straightforward and within a few minutes we were able to build and run exactly the type of test we wanted. It was perfect. Razor provided the reassurance we needed that all the components were going to work as we expected them to.

Malcolm Days
Head of Infrastructure Services

Razor alerts us with any real time issues so we              know before our customers find out.

If your contact center is critical to your operations or is revenue generating, you need a solution to alert you to any issues before your customers find out. So that’s really what Occam allows us to know, that when something does go wrong with any one of the vendors
we work with, we’re immediately alerted to that fact.

Henry Svendblad
Chief Technology Officer @ Company Nurse

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