Razor SMS Outbound Carrier / Interconnect Testing (iTest SMS)

Ensuring the global delivery of SMS’s, ontime, with precision and reliability, Occam’s Razor SMS tests and monitors your SMS routes for optimal performance and security.

Problem Statement

The world is more connected, but SMS delivery is
still a complex challenge. Between multiple carriers, international regulations, and diverse technology,
ensuring that your SMS messages reach their destination with the correct content, Sender ID and in a timely fashion is a significant issue.

SMS routes can be compromised, leading to delayed delivery, wrong sender IDs, altered content, and more. These inconsistencies can affect your brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and result in unforeseen costs.

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The map on the coverage page shows the networks covered in each country. You can use the map to see which network is available in the country you are interested in.

Features and Benefits

Automated SMS Testing


Test across 560 International Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in over 150 Countries
Real-time monitoring and alerting to maintain standards
Eliminate costly fraudulent suppliers
Identify underperforming destination networks or routes
Save time and costs by automating testing processes

Unmatched Coverage and Quality


Ensure timely delivery with the correct Sender ID and Content
Represent your brand consistently with quality standards
Maintain carrier quality during peak times

How it Works


The Razor TCG (Test Call Generator) Servers interconnect with your SMSC platform.

Generation and Routing

Generate test SMSs and route them through your platform and inter-connected carriers to Razor Test Nodes located globally.

Reception and Evaluation

Test Nodes receive and evaluate the SMSs based on predefined criteria, reporting back to you.

Scheduled Testing

Schedule recurring tests and set up alerts for failures, accessing live data and analytics.


Obtain detailed CDR records and error messages for fast resolution with your SMS carrier.

Unique Features

Why Choose Occam

Occam, a trusted name in customer experience validation and monitoring, offers a robust solution for your SMS carrier testing needs. With Razor, you can:

Quality Standards

Ensure your SMS messages represent your brand and meet quality standards.

Full protection

Protect against fraudulent suppliers and unexpected costs.

Easy Integration

Utilize an intuitive system that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Benefit from Occam’s experience and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Highest Quality

Reach your customers globally without compromising on quality.

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Razor’s SMS testing features are more than a tool; they’re a commitment to excellence, ensuring that your organization’s in-country services are sent, received, and intact. Trust Occam’s Razor for the precision, reliability, and global reach that your business needs.