iTest Voice: Global Voice Testing Solutions for Outbound Carrier & Interconnected Routes

Ensure quality and integrity in your voice routes with Razor’s advanced voice testing and monitoring solutions.

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The Challenge with Voice Routes

From poor quality lines to telecom fraud, managing the quality and security of voice traffic can be a complex and challenging task.

Razor’s iTest Voice ensures you stay ahead of potential problems and maintain a seamless communication experience for your customers.

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The map on the coverage page shows the networks covered in each country. You can use the map to see which network is available in the country you are interested in.

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Key Benefits of Voice Quality Testing

Automated Scheduled Testing
of Voice Circuits/Channels

Eliminate manual effort by scheduling automatic testing of your voice channels, voice circuits and supplier interconnects, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Continual Verification of
Carrier Performance

Keep a constant check on your voice carriers’ performance, ensuring they consistently meet desired standards and adapt as needed.

Identification and Reduction of Fraud

Detect and minimize fraud across your Voice routes, reducing costs and preventing wasted time and resources.

Quality Assurance for
Optimal Performance

Ensure that your Voice calls are presented accurately and measure quality continually for optimal performance, avoiding loss of opportunity or revenue.

Reliable Testing for Various
Enterprises and Carriers

A versatile solution that can be adapted by enterprises, Telecommunication carriers, and conference providers who rely on Voice services, assuring in-country performance.

Automated Alerting for Performance Issues

Receive instant alerts if your voice routes underperform, allowing for quick resolution and maintaining high standards.

Detailed CDR Records for
Faster Fault Resolution

Comprehensive Call Detail Record (CDR) provides insights needed to quickly identify and rectify faults with your Voice carrier.

Huge International Coverage
for Global Testing

Test your voice routes to over 150 countries with 560 International Mobile Network Operators, ensuring global reach and consistency.

Comprehensive Fraud Detection

With Razor, uncover hidden fraud instances that could be occurring on your voice routes, from Early Charging Fraud to Call Looping, protecting your business from additional overheads.

Innovative Features for
Comprehensive Analysis

Utilize innovative features such as RTP Statistics, DTMF Analysis, MOS Score, and more for a detailed understanding of Voice route quality.

What We Measure

How iTest Voice Works

The Razor TCG (Test Call Generator) Servers interconnect with your Voice platform. They generate test calls and route them to your platform, where the calls are evaluated and reported back to you.

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Unique Features

Comprehensive Voice
Quality Testing

Ensure impeccable voice quality with Razor’s iTest Voice. Continuously monitor voice routes, analyze CLI / ANI presentation, and keep up with the standards required for global reach.

Fraud Detection
& Prevention

Protect your business from complex telecom frauds such as FAS/Early Charging, Call Hijacking, and OTT Fraud. Identify, eliminate, and save costs with Razor’s advanced detection mechanisms.

Global Reach & Reliability

With Testing Nodes in 560 International Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across over 150 countries, iTest Voice ensures consistency and reliability in voice routes, no matter the location.

Real-Time Measurements
& Insights

From Call Duration to Lost Packets, Dead Air, and Fraud Types, iTest Voice’s real-time metrics provide unparalleled insights to understand and optimize your voice traffic.

Automated Testing

Automate your voice channel testing according to your needs. Schedule tests, get automated alerts, and keep your voice routes performing flawlessly with Razor’s iTest Voice.

CLI/ANI Presentation

Verify the accurate presentation of Caller ID to the recipient. Ensure the legitimacy of your calls and enhance brand trust with iTest Voice’s precise CLI/ANI testing.

Extensive Support
& Documentation

Benefit from in-depth support and extensive documentation. Whether it’s a step-by-step guide or personalized assistance, iTest Voice is here to make your voice testing seamless.

Telecom Fraud:

A Hidden Challenge

From Early Charging Fraud to OTT Fraud, discover how these common types of fraud can impact your business
and how Razor’s iTest Voice can detect and prevent them.

FAS / Early Charging Fraud

This fraud involves operators answering the call themselves, playing a fake ringtone, and charging for it. In some instances, the call may be connected later, making it hard to detect. This can add up to 30 seconds of charge time per call.

Call Hijacking

The operator answers the call using a voicemail system or other recording, but doesn’t connect the call to the intended recipient. The caller is charged for the entire duration of the hijacked call.

OTT Fraud (Over The Top)

The operator bypasses the intended Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and connects the call through a third-party application like Viber or WhatsApp, avoiding connection fees but charging the total cost.

Early Charging FAS

Similar to FAS/Early Charging Fraud, this involves charging during a non-chargeable part of the call, such as during the ringtone. It’s a subtle way to inflate call costs.

Call Hijacking Variants

Variants of call hijacking might include Fake Voicemail messages, network messages, or echoes. These can lead to calls not reaching the intended recipient while still incurring charges.

Late Charging FAS / Call Stretching

Here, the operator delays sending the disconnect, keeping the line open longer, and charging for additional connected time. This can add an extra 30 seconds of charge time per call.

Call Looping

This occurs when there’s an echo partway through a conversation, creating confusion, leading to termination, and redialing. This generates extra call length and results in a second chargeable call.

Dead Air Fraud

This fraud involves no sound being passed during a call, possibly due to intentional disruption. It might be used in conjunction with other fraud types to confuse or mislead.

Late Charging FAS

This entails delaying the disconnect to extend the chargeable part of the call. It’s often used in tandem with call stretching to further increase costs.

OTT Fraud Variations

Different versions of OTT Fraud might involve various third-party applications, all aiming to bypass the official MNO and thus avoid fees while still charging the caller.

Razor’s advanced detection mechanisms are designed to identify and mitigate these types of fraud, helping businesses maintain integrity in their voice traffic and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Why Choose Razor For Voice Testing 

Razor’s extensive Testing Estate across over
150 countries ensures comprehensive quality measurement and fraud detection.

By testing your Voice routes with Razor, you take control of quality, performance, and security.
Be it Telecommunication carriers or conference providers, Razor’s reliable method fits all.

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