How Automated Validation Testing Enhances A Contact Center’s Cloud Migration Process

by | May 25, 2021

You’ve decided to switch your contact center platform to the cloud. Good decision. You can be sure that within a few years, all your competitors will have taken this step, and you’re staying one step ahead of the game. But, how can you guarantee that vital, error-free transition?

The answer lies in automated validation testing – software that allows you to test your cloud platform in a variety of ways throughout the migration process.

Applying testing will:
Provide sharable results and insights
Ensure providers are operating to specification
Mitigate risk in production
Allow you to test earlier in the project lifecycle
Without automated validation testing, errors will happen, leading to disruption and, almost certainly, disappearing clients. In this article, we will explore the steps you’ll want to take to ensure you have a smooth migration process.

Get a full picture

The Occam IVR Discovery tool will give you all the reassurance you need that, from the very start of the migration process, you’re on the right track. You’ll be able to map out the current contact center operations from the perspective of your customer. You’ll be able to capture and document an accurate overview of these operations in a format that can be exported and shared. You’ll also see how the processes will work well before you ‘press the button’ to go live.

Ensure your specifications have been met

When delivering a cloud solution, you have to account for every possible element – the carrier, the network, the traditional CRM that you may wish to retain. You’ll also need to consider any further third-party integrations such as NLP platforms, etc. It’s vital to ensure that each of these providers is delivering to specification.

You need to identify where errors occur, as soon they occur. Failure to achieve this can cost time, effort and money, not to forget possibly fatally damaging customer relationships.

By integrating a load and stress test, you’ll be able to test your system at capacity and identify precisely where the problem has arisen to ensure that your migration project remains on track.

Test at every stage

Waiting until the migration is complete before testing could result in chaotic consequences, as failure to immediately pick up minor errors until much later in the process could have a serious impact on the overall project.

For efficient and effective cloud migration, you need to be able to test throughout the development process – constantly asking questions of the system:

  • Has this new phase that we’ve introduced in the migration process changed anything?
  • Is everything operating to specification?
  • Will the new software work efficiently when operating at full capacity?
  • Will it adapt as we expand capacity?

Test earlier in the project lifecycle

Early testing can be critical to a successful migration. An apparently insignificant bug can be in the system – one which might not become apparent until you’re near maximum traffic conditions – when your risk and impact to your customer is at its highest.

Occam’s ETS offers unlimited testing. Throughout the migration process, you’ll have confidence that, at each step, everything has been tested thoroughly to specification.

Our cloud migration assurance service replicates high volume call traffic traversing your contact center, from the carrier through to the agent, and identifies defects before they’re launched into your production environment.

Such testing is critical to the success of cloud center migration. Our service demonstrates time and again its ability to provide such a swift and effective testing system.

  • The IVR Discovery tool reduces average deployment times by three months, thus releasing cloud advantages and savings sooner.
  • To exceed the cost of our service, on average fewer than 10 customers would need to be adversely affected by a defect.
  • We offer the fastest route to deployment in the market whilst offering a significant ROI against other validation platforms.

Find out more for yourself about the benefits of the Occam ETS. We are a Genesys Appfoundry partner as well as compatible with all major vendors. Book a demo call today.

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