IVR Discovery - Automated Mapping & Test Script Generation

The ETS Discovery tool accelerates IVR Software development by automatically capturing and mapping IVR call flows. Once captured, ETS generates fully-editable test scripts to support your customer experience testing, voice quality testing, and IVR performance whether you’re using DTMF or voice biometrics.
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Occam's ETS Discovery tool allows organizations to increase the accuracy of their contact center testing, to decrease costs and to foster continued innovation by automating the discovery of IVR applications to ensure the highest levels of performance and provide the best possible user experience. By eliminating as much as 90% of the effort required by traditional documentation and test creation, Occam’s Discovery tool automatically examines and highlights inaccurate instances within the IVR and allows users to create a documented and monitored IVR in minutes rather than months.
The ETS IVR Discovery tool automatically traverses an entire IVR system to enable users to benchmark existing systems and make sure everything is configured and operating as expected.
Armed with accurate information on the current configuration, teams and departments can work together to drive improvements and deliver updates to the IVR.

While compiling an interactive IVR map that can be easily exported and shared, ETS is also generating editable test scripts for each node, completely eradicating the need for time-consuming and lengthy manual script creation.

IVR Discovery and mapping is also available through our partner integrations. ETS can utilize contact center providers API’s or VXML uploads to map out and discover customer call flows without the need to make any calls into the system. All required information to run tests is automatically uploaded from the Contact Centre system into ETS and tests can be executed immediately.


Automatic Mapping of IVR Applications

Automatically generate an up-to-date and accurate overview of your IVR configurations and fully benchmark existing systems.

Guided Discoveries

Guided discoveries capture both inbound and outbound audio and collates the data into an easy editable test script. Perfect for capturing small changes made to the IVR.

Automatic Generation of IVR Testing Scripts

Deliver continual change and improvements to your CX initiatives at pace through automatically generated, easily editable test scripts for all nodes within the IVR.


Reduce Costs Associated with Manual Testing

Gain Real-Time Visibility into Existing Customer Experience Operations

Improved Accuracy of Contact Center Testing

Provide the Best Possible Customer Experience

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