4 Reasons Technical Teams Love Occam’s Experience Testing System


by | Nov 22, 2019

A growing business with an expanding call center faces new challenges daily. If you’re part of the team responsible for delivering a great customer experience, you’ll certainly feel a lot of pressure and expectation to maintain and optimize the service and infrastructure you manage. Some days, your direct line may ring just as often as the customer service desk. Streamlining your tasks and having the ability to come up with solutions faster and more efficiently is a priority when selecting new tools to integrate into your fix kit. By selecting a powerful continual testing system to support your processes, you will not only simplify your workload, but your efforts will have a positive knock-on effect throughout the business thanks to improved operations. Based on what our current users tell us, this means more high fives for you and fewer sleepless nights anticipating the next major issue that needs tackling – urgently.

1. Automation saves time

The Discovery tool in Occam’s ETS is designed to save you time and highlight issues that could have you sidelining all your other projects in order to firefight problems in your IVR/IVAs, Natural Language applications and ACD systems. By automatically traversing the entire IVR network, ETS will always provide up to date and accurate information of your current operations. Having immediate access to these benefits means that you can take a proactive approach to improving your customer’s journey and anticipating challenges instead of being presented with them at the most inopportune moments. Occam’s ETS will compile reports and interactive IVR maps that you can quickly export and share with the rest of the business, enabling you to collaborate on a solution swiftly. Furthermore, the software also generates editable test scripts, relieving you from the daunting task of manual script creation — more time to dash off for that much-needed coffee break.

2. A user-friendly testing system

Technical support teams are often expected to be omnipresent – everyone’s technical issues are a Category 4 emergency, right? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a user-friendly testing and validation platform that enables colleagues to develop test cases and analyze results independently when you’re focussed on other tasks Thanks to Occam’s intuitive interface, designed with UX in mind, more people in your organization will be able to jump on board and promptly gain insight into the real-time customer service you are delivering.

“It’s really easy to use, it’s not just for highly technical staff.” – Capterra review. 

With so many different applications to manage and integrate into a business, it’s good to know that your experience testing tool will be one of the most useful and easy to use platforms. {{cta(’57cbdbbf-111a-4be6-af88-b7da44770ea2′,’justifycenter’)}}

3. All the testing capabilities you need

Continual testing enables you to proactively monitor how each of your automated customer service applications are functioning throughout the day, in real-time. From a DevOps perspective, without adequate preparation, your systems could seriously let you down when there is a sudden spike in the volume of traffic your call center receives. Occam’s ETS Load allows you to test how your systems will respond to high-pressure scenarios by simulating increased call traffic.

“Using ETS we’ve been able to solve a few ongoing issues with capacity from our suppliers. When load testing with ETS we discovered that we were not being provided with the capacity that had been sold to us. Once we showed the results to our suppliers this was quickly rectified and we then tested again using ETS and were happy with the results.” – Capterra review. 

Unlike other providers, we won’t limit the number of users that can access the software. We understand that your call center is trying to provide the best possible service, so if there’s a crucial issue that needs immediate addressing, your colleagues should be able to jump in and pull up a report. The interface is intuitive and interactive, making information readily available and discernible by anyone. Go ahead and sign up for a free trial to test it out for yourself.

Occam’s top features include:

  • Test your entire IVR configuration in hours instead of days.
  • View live analytics in real-time and rectify faults immediately.
  • Generate a wide range of testing scenarios to fit your requirements.
  • Capture small changes made to the IVR with guided discoveries.
  • Automatically generated test scripts for all nodes within the IVR, allowing for easy editing.

4. Direct support from Occam

We’re a small team that does a big job – without the ego. When you call us, you can rest assured that we’ll offer support and guidance on any query that you may have regarding  ETS. The entire purpose of testing and upholding quality standards for your IVR system is to ensure your customers receive the best possible experience, and we do the same when it comes to our customer: you. The feedback we get from users is that our experience testing system has had a transformative effect on how call center technical teams distribute their time throughout the day. By eliminating much of the manual labor involved in tracking and measuring how systems are performing, teams can now spend more time on innovation and optimization. We know that from a technical perspective, the best way to decide whether a piece of software is right for your business is to experience the features and see the results first-hand. That’s why we have evolved our pricing approach to a new pay as you grow model. Gain access to all of the features of ETS with zero commitment and only pay for the tests you complete. If you’d like any further information or want more insight into how our product can meet your needs, feel free to give us a call. Or just dive straight into using ETS by clicking the link.

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