Overlooked Benefits and ROI of a Cloud Contact Center

by | Oct 2, 2020

Cloud contact centers are part of the digital transformation many businesses are undergoing right now. It’s a natural move towards more cost-effective solutions that support the growth and high-quality service delivery that companies aim for.

The limitations of on-prem contact centers aren’t hard to identify:

  • Difficult to scale.
  • High overheads.
  • Expensive in-house hardware to maintain.
  • Slow to respond to market and environmental changes.

A cloud contact center, on the other hand, is hosted on an internet server, which allows for a level of customization and freedom that immediately improves your company’s ability to connect with customers and remain a key player in your industry. But these are just the obvious benefits; what other perks can you expect when you migrate your contact center to the cloud?

Switch to remote working with ease

Current global situation aside, more and more employees are looking for greater flexibility within their roles. Cloud contact centers can give agents the option to work from home or a different location when the need arises. With cloud-based software, workers can log into all the tools and applications they need to perform tasks and continue to deliver excellent results for your company. From a broader perspective, giving employees the ability to work from home reduces the cost and emissions associated with commuting, promoting a greener company culture.

Boosts productivity

Cloud center technology aligns with customer relationship management (CRM) tools and helps agents to understand and anticipate queries much more effectively.

When you remove the barriers that on-prem contact centers often have, your agents can become more productive and resolve customer queries with greater speed and efficiency. With all of your databases now online, and communication tools that instantly connect agents to senior colleagues when support or approval is required, more calls get answered, wait times are shorter, and the outcomes for both the customer and the business are increasingly more positive.

More flexibility

Contact centers must be equipped to deal with varying traffic loads. Communication will fluctuate regularly, either due to seasonal demand or sudden changes in the market. Traditional call centers are often limited as to how they can respond to these fluctuations as they’re locked into the infrastructure and the costs they’ve undertaken around it.

If inbound calls peak, a cloud contact center can quickly shift resources and respond in an agile way, ensuring the business continues to deliver excellent customer experiences (CX). Furthermore, thanks to automated experience testing, DevOps teams can be alerted to issues and quickly generate corrective scripts when those busy times do come.

Are cloud contact centers worth the investment?

Customer expectations are changing, and, understandably, there is a low level of tolerance for slow response times or glitches throughout the customer journey. Businesses that want to outperform their competitors and remain profitable are looking for more efficient digital solutions, a primary one being becoming a cloud based contact center.

A virtual infrastructure can help you to foresee challenges and problems long before they become company-wide issues. What’s more, your call center’s reliability improves, removing friction for the customers and your agents. As employee productivity increases and you’re able to offer more flexible working conditions, you’ll enjoy not only the best pick of talented individuals to hire for your team, but better financial results, too. No longer hindered by the limitations of a physical premises, your contact center can take more innovative steps and explore new services and products to add to its catalog, without worrying about overloading its communication channels and call center capabilities.

Are you considering a cloud migration? We’ve got all the information you need to plan your cloud migration project and optimize your contact center so that you can start getting ROI right away. Get in touch today.


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