How Occam’s ETS Provides The Foundation For A DevOps Methodology


by | Jan 24, 2020

If, like many organizations, you currently work in a cycle of Development > Testing > Deployment, you will be all too familiar with the disadvantages of this process.

The features of Occam’s ETS support DevOps teams in delivering continuous improvement and optimizing a contact center’s functionality. In this blog post, we discuss how the capabilities of our ETS align with a DevOps methodology through development, QA, and deployment.

How ETS and DevOps work hand-in-hand

“ETS helps streamline the movement of code through the development, test, and deployment phases, eliminating manual tasks which simultaneously reduces the potential for human error.”

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Continuous Delivery

ETS automatically generates an up-to-date and accurate overview of your IVR configurations and fully benchmarks your existing systems. This flags any errors or areas where improvements can be made, enabling teams to prioritize objectives in the delivery schedule collaboratively.

Once decided, you and your team are responsible for the quality of timelines and deliverables. Working within one platform where your team has unlimited access and can obtain and share accurate, up-to-date documentation means that coding, building, and testing becomes much more collaborative. You will also enjoy greater visibility and transparency.

Continuous Testing

At the point of testing, ETS provides the ability to quickly soak test the entire infrastructure. This provides a way to analyze changes easily and rapidly identify any faults, which can then be shared with the whole team. Again, this collaboration means that the time it takes for updates to be released and deployed is reduced.

Monitoring and Observing

Once deployed and in operation, ETS performance monitoring enables you to track the system’s performance and interactions to ensure they are working as expected. If any issues arise, real-time alerting will inform the appropriate team members with details. From flagging issues early, or gaining up to date insights, you can plan for your next stage of continuous improvement and come full circle in the DevOps/ETS journey.


What this does:

  1. Builds a foundation and a place to start for the contact center. DevOps is more a mindset and cultural shift rather than anything tangible, so it’s unreasonable to expect organizations to be able to adopt that mindset overnight, but small steps, such as improved collaboration and shared results across one critical functional boundary can set the ripple in the pond effect out across organizations of different sizes.
  2. Achieves stability for the contact center’s process. Consistent thorough-put supports a more stable environment due to the continuous testing taking place. This dedicated approach to managing changes in the system and addressing issues as they arise creates a more dependable environment.
  3. Prevents downtime and creates opportunities for innovation. Ever created code but can’t move on to the next stage of the project because it is waiting to be approved by QA, only for it to come back for an update and the cycle repeated? With continuous testing, you can ensure every change is immediately tested and released without manual intervention, which means less time on updating bugs and more time for innovation.
  4. Reduces workload for quality assurance (QA). With continual testing, bugs are caught at the development stage, which means you can focus on qualifying the work that has already been completed and spend more time looking into insights to see how customer experience can be improved.
  5. Quicker deployment. Deliver greater value through a more efficient customer experience. This is achieved through a more responsive approach to market changes facilitated by a faster launch of new functions. These new deployments can be tested and modified quickly to ensure optimization, resulting in a faster turnaround time for ROI.
  6. Keeps management happy. Operations are happier because things are running smoother and stress levels are reduced. Issues will still arise, but with ETS you have been able to quickly identify them and are already in the process of updating.

Deploy a DevOps methodology for your contact center

We want to make it easier for you to adopt a DevOps approach and bring continuous testing to your call center. We provide a ‘pay as you grow pricing model’ which allows you to have instant access to our platform with no license fee. You only pay for the tests you complete, putting your organization in charge of test spend.


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