How Occam’s ETS Platform Fits Into Your DevOps Approach


by | Feb 4, 2020

If you’re looking to optimize your DevOps approach, automation should be a priority. By providing stability within your framework, you will enable your call center to continually deliver a high-quality customer experience (CX). This is where essential functions such as automated experience testing come into play.

With more and more businesses integrating self-serve initiatives into their customer journeys, a DevOps methodology becomes crucial when trying to ensure their effectiveness. The old process of Develop>Test>Deploy usually meant that your IT specialists worked in silos, unable to effectively communicate and collaborate, only being roused to action after an issue had been flagged up, which often in considerable disruptions to the entire operating system.

In the current fast-paced digital environment, end-users have become accustomed to seamless processes that make their dealings with businesses as easy as possible. To perfect the process, companies need to constantly improve, enhance, make subtle changes and continuously develop the CX delivery.

Why continuous testing is the cornerstone for a DevOps methodology

With so many deployments to test and configure, manual testing is an obsolete approach to delivering a better customer experience. Growing organizations are in a strong position to leverage the power of the best technologies and gain a competitive foothold in established markets by delivering superior CX delivery. Automation is central to a DevOps methodology, and it’s what Occam’s ETS platform does best.

Our software allows your team to monitor the entire network for bugs and negative feedback loops, enabling quick discovery and facilitating collaboration between developers. Occam’s Discovery tool will automatically highlight the bumps in the road and help you to generate amended scripts instantaneously. The platform is easy and straightforward to use, enabling anyone to produce a report and quickly formulate a plan of action. This is far more effective than waiting for a customer to stumble into the issue and then having to launch an investigation that forces your team to drop everything else and jump onto troubleshooting tasks.

Our AI will mirror a customer’s interactions with your platform so that you can conduct thorough tests and stress the system as much as possible to ensure that it can handle the call volumes you anticipate at peak times. By having access to this kind of data prior to rolling out changes, you can ensure that the new configurations are working as expected.


Consistency helps to put a cap on escalation

In many instances, your call center agents will be anticipating the customer having an issue that needs resolving. Depending on the nature of the problem, you want to do everything possible to limit the agitation and empower the agent with adequate information before they take the call. If the customer has had a frustrating experience navigating through the CTI (computer telephony integration), their problem with your company suddenly takes on a whole new agenda. This is why a DevOps methodology is so crucial to businesses that rely on these technologies to deliver customer service. Continuous testing ensures that your call center is operating at a consistent level of quality and that human agents are able to be more productive with their time by assisting the customer with the core issue, rather than an inflated aggravation. By testing the accuracy of the information being provided to the agent, you enable first call resolution which is considerably more economical.

Experience testing helps your team to adapt to a DevOps mentality quicker

One of the biggest challenges for businesses trying to roll out a DevOps methodology is shifting the mindset within the organization. Development and operations teams are customarily separated, only coming together when tackling issues or launching new deployments. This staggered communication slows down the development cycle and stunts innovation within the business.

Occam’s experience testing tool will bring new data to the table that helps all stakeholders in the business to have an overview of how your IVR, CTI, and other AI technologies are performing at any given time. This means that ideas can be floated around departments faster, and new initiatives can be tested, adapted, and implemented (or discarded) at a fraction of the time and resources previously spent on trying to optimize systems.

Once everyone sees the value in applying DevOps to your processes, you will begin to see tangible results in the efficiency of your call center and customer data processing channels.

We have created our technology to empower forward-thinking organizations with the necessary tools to remain competitive and responsive in the ever-evolving needs of the customer service industry. By helping you to automate the foundational elements that come into play when optimizing your call center, Occam’s ETS makes continuous integration and continuous development (CICD) achievable.

We offer an accessible and competitive pricing model that enables you to only pay for the tests you perform with no added cost for the use of our platform. Click here to try it out for yourself.


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