Features and Capabilities for Migrating to a Cloud Contact Center

by | Aug 13, 2020

If you’re migrating to a cloud contact center, you’ll want to equip yourself with the tools and technologies to make the transition as smooth and effective as possible. At Occam, we help our clients make the leap by preventing avoidable setbacks through our advanced Experience Testing System (ETS).

IVR Discovery Tool

The first step is to understand how your existing process works and create benchmarks. With the IVR discovery tool, you can map out a customer’s existing journey through your contact center operations. This will allow you to accurately document the interaction and gain a clear insight into the experience you are providing. The data can then be exported and shared with the relevant teams who will be working to replicate and enhance the journey in the cloud.

Auto Test Creation

Once you’ve created a new script, the next important step is to make sure everything works as your team had intended. With ETS, test scripts are automatically generated from the data captured within Architect. These test scripts are then executed and help DevOps to keep on top of your system’s performance and customer experience. The information gained will help you to optimize your IVR design further.

Functional Testing Tools

The benefits of continuous testing allow your teams to keep the process on track throughout deployment, minimizing the time and cost of achieving a successful migration. Functional testing helps you to speed up development without compromising quality. ETS automatically generates fully editable scripts that allow you to improve your platform in a test environment before launching into production.

Load and Stress Tools

You’ll want to make sure that your new cloud-based call center can handle peak traffic at scale. With ETS’s load and stress tools, you can replicate peak traffic conditions to gain insight into how your infrastructure is handling the stress and whether there are disruptions to the customer’s journey.

Monitoring Tools

As part of your commitment to continuous improvement, you should constantly monitor your platforms to ensure they are operating as expected. ETS provides the tools you need to help you effectively monitor your environment around the clock. The application will notify you of issues and provide you with a time buffer to resolve problems and ensure system consistency and stability.

Break away from the negative stereotypes that often plague call centers. By introducing AI-driven technologies, you can differentiate your call center through smooth and optimized customer experiences.

ETS offers end-to-end testing across your entire contact center infrastructure. Our software generates test calls that will replicate and analyze your caller’s path to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

We’ll help you accelerate your cloud contact center transition by removing cumbersome manual tasks and streamlining your processes. With access to real-time insights, you can continue to make essential improvements to your infrastructure and ensure that your call center delivers a competitive high-quality service.

We offer a full technical demo of ETS and, if appropriate a demo lab where we can set you and your customer up with an instance which includes test minutes on the account, so you can get your hands on the tools and see the benefits for yourself.

To get you set up, let’s have a conversation to look at your specific requirements and identify how we can ensure that you are perfectly positioned to bring your on-prem or new customers over to the cloud to deliver the best solution, cost-effectively.

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