Cloud Migration Testing Technology Without the Price Tag


by | Aug 20, 2020

Occam provides AI driven customer experience mapping and validation testing to their customers and to their partners through our experience testing system (ETS).

Adopting automated validation and monitoring into your technology set ensures that you are perfectly positioned to bring your current on-premise customers and new customers over to cloud.

We’ve worked to ensure that as system integrators, project partners or VARs, you are perfectly equipped to support your customers in the best way possible. Let’s take a look at how we differ.

A lower cost migration process

Historically, adding validation testing into a deployment was expensive, impacting how competitive your solution was.

We saw testing charges being striped out during the negotiation stage of the deal due to those traditionally high costs in order to meet customer budgets and secure the deal.

This approach has a detrimental impact on both you and the customer during the implementation stage. It’s great that you’ve won the deal, but your margins shrink when you run into problems during the implementation process and you don’t have the ability to validate and test the work you have built.

Research shows that less than 10 customers would have to take their business elsewhere before the impact of a poor migration outweighed the cost of a migration assurance service. Typically, validation testing makes up less than 1% of the total contract value.

Our verification project enables you to not only add testing to validate and ease the migration process at a lower cost, but also make it a key differentiator between you and your competitors to secure long-term relationships.

Our professional services team will provide support to perform load tests in order to ensure that each element of the solution is able to perform under real life conditions ahead of deployment and before it impacts real customer calls.

Once migrated we offer a usage-based pricing model which provides access to the full suite of the ETS features and capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about our pricing models please book a demo call here.

Test the entire CX infrastructure

The tools and features within Occams’ Experience Testing platform allow you to test throughout the migration process.

Functionality testing can be done at the touch of a button, answering questions such as:

‘Has this new phase we’ve delivered in the migration process changed anything?’

Whilst load testing will allow you to ensure that everything is operating to specification.

This allows you to mitigate risks ahead of the solution deployment.

Contact center platform agnostic and security compliance

ETS replicates outside calls coming into the contact center so it doesn’t matter what platform it’s dialling into, making it completely programme agnostic.

Furthermore, as the tests executed are our own calls being placed into the system, we’re not storing any customer records or data, ensuring it is fully security compliant.

Support from our professional services team

Our professional services team will work closely with you on your first migration project, whether that’s joining calls, building out the scope of work or executing tests.

We also offer virtual training sessions, so that you or your customer can execute testing as needed, while we support when required.

See how our professional services team supported an enterprise software company ahead of migration deployment in this case study.

See and try our IVR testing tools for yourself

We offer a full technical demo of ETS, as well as a demo lab. We’ll set you up with an instance which includes test minutes on the account, so you can get your hands on the tools and see the benefits for yourself. Read more about IVR testing on our dedicated blog post.

To get you set up, let’s have a conversation and look at the goals specific to you and how ETS can help you to achieve them. Book your demo lab call here.


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