Automated Functional Testing for Contact Center Cloud

by | Sep 18, 2020

When delivering a successful migration for your cloud-based contact center clients, part of your role as a value-added reseller or systems integrator will be to check all functionalities of the CX environment. It’s up to you to ensure that the client’s specifications are met and that the functional requirements have been achieved.

“60% of the total time spent in development or deployment is spent in QA or testing.”

This time can be reduced significantly by introducing and using automated functional testing software for your migration process. We look at how below.

Accelerate design and development

Testing how the contact center’s operations function from an end-user perspective is essential, yet this step is often sidelined or brushed over in an attempt to cut costs.

Typically, when you’re delivering a cloud migration, whether this is a lift and shift or transformational project, 60% of your total time will be spent either carrying out quality assurance or in some type of testing process. However, automating this process by introducing functional testing software significantly reduces this percentage. Not only freeing up time and resources, but also reducing overall testing costs, all while simultaneously improving the quality of your testing.

With automation, you can accelerate the design and development stages and speed up your migration and, by eliminating manual testing, you can now meet aggressive deadlines as well as support continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).

Validate every aspect of the migration

Once you’ve carried out the discovery process, generated a full suite of test scripts, and created a documented workflow, you can start to test the functionality of the contact center’s operations.

By taking these steps, you are able to validate every aspect of the solution:

  • Is your audio quality appropriate from the carrier?
  • Is there a significant lag from the data dip to the third party CRM?
  • Are calls being routed correctly through the IVR?
  • Is the IVR prompt being played?
  • Does the call connect to the appropriate agent?

These are just some of the key functionalities you’ll be able to gain insight into.

You’ll be able to simulate and replicate the whole experience from the carrier to the agent and ensure everything is working as it should be.

Drive continual improvements

With the migration complete, you can focus your attention on continual improvement. By providing this data-driven service to the customer, they’ll be able to undertake CX initiatives that have a further positive impact on their business.

Quick and agile cloud change is necessary in today’s competitive contact center environment. Your customers will look to you for support when it comes to delivering rapid and cost-effective improvements.

Once the initial migration has been deployed, you can use the same test case to validate performance and monitor the production environment. This activity provides insight into whether the anticipated benefits have been delivered and what needs to be tweaked. This information can be easily shared so that others on the team can contribute and suggest ideas to enhance the performance, speeding up the delivery, and optimizing functionality with minimal setbacks.

All of this puts you in the driver’s seat and enables you to become indispensable to your customer’s change and growth.

Are you ready to accelerate your cloud migration projects with validation testing? We invite you to watch our on-demand webinar where Occam’s Gregg Lander (VP Sales) will discuss how adopting automated validation and monitoring into your technology set enables you to deliver a smooth migration from on-premise to a cloud-based contact center. Click here to find out more.


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