9 Benefits of Automated Testing


by | Dec 20, 2019

Testing. We all know its not the most exciting part of a development project, but there is no denying how vital it is.

There will come a stage in any growing contact center’s lifetime when a manual test is no longer sufficient, and automated testing needs to be implemented. However, like with any big process change, there can be concerns about the impact of making such a move.

To help everyone in your organization understand the value of automated testing and how it outweighs the operational changes and costs required to deploy, let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits.

#1 A more stable environment

One of the most obvious benefits to moving to automated testing is how it allows for more continual change to take place, without interfering with the running of the contact center, or the experience received by the customers.

Continuous testing offers “always-on” surveillance of your contact center’s infrastructure. Providing visibility into all aspects of deployment can ensure a consistent performance that supports your environment. With real-time alerting, you will be able to pick up on any issues or outages before they become a problem. Not only does this create a more stable environment for the center, but it also facilitates optimization through a DevOps approach.

#2 End-to-end testing

With the power of automated testing allowing continual testing to run across the full customer journey, you can have confidence in the live environment providing the highest level of customer experience possible.

#3 Removes risk

As with anything manual, there will always be a risk for human error, even with the best intentions and most thorough processes in place.

With the use of editable testing scripts, your development team will be able to focus on delivering continual change and improvements to your customer experience initiatives with the peace of mind that the automated testing will be monitoring all deployments from staging through to your live environment.

#4 Eradicate the pain of change

Automated testing means that whenever an alteration to the customer journey is required, developers will always be able to perform end-to-end testing by amending the script easily to reflect the new change. In contrast, when relying on manual testing only, these tests are, more often than not, skipped due to how time-consuming they are.

#5 It’s cost-effective

Replacing any repetitive tests with an automated platform will not only save money on the human resources needed to perform these tasks manually. The time you’ve gained can now be spent on improving the customer journey and allowing developers to focus on innovation instead.

#6 Real-time visibility

With the power of automated testing in your call center, you will be able to be alerted to any issues in real-time because you are running tests alongside real customers to gain insights into their experience without the need to request feedback.

#7 Earlier detection equals faster correction

Continual testing will provide your development team with the data needed for much earlier detection of any unwanted issues and so can be solved faster.

#8 You can stress test the system

Automated testing can also help provide a quicker, more efficient load testing process through the ability to generate and place thousands of concurrent calls, allowing your organization to observe how the system performs during the highest expected call volumes.

#9 Support agile and DevOps processes

Automated testing allows your team to move to a DevOps process as small changes can be pushed live and tested correctly without causing major strains on the technical or QA teams with a manual testing process at each small release.

Ready to see how you can benefit from introducing automated testing to your development process? Sign up for your free trial and demo today to gain access to our platform to see how you can streamline your testing process and experience the benefits for yourself.


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