4 Reasons Contact Center Technology is Like an Eternal Teenager


by | Mar 8, 2019

Contact centre technology can be a complex beast! Like a moody teenager it can be unpredictable and prone to erratic behaviour that can leave you red in the face at best!

What value can monitoring your contact centre technology really bring to your business?

To try and understand the true value, it’s worth identifying some of the negative effects monitoring can help eradicate and the opportunities presented in return.

Losing a customer to poor CX

When your teenage child continually grunts responses to even the most civil questions after a while people stop asking.

The same can be said of a contact centre. If a customer is unable to communicate with the correct person they’ll eventually give up and take their business elsewhere.

By proactively monitoring how your IVR is directing calls and that customers can actually dial in you can be alerted to, and immediately address, any problems before they impact your customer and ultimately your bottom line.

Spending valuable time keeping an eye on things

Imagine having someone continually on hand to make sure your little ray of sunshine is doing what he or she should be!

Not having to keep tabs on their behaviour allows you the time and freedom to understand and discover why they’re giving you such a hard time in the first place!

With a few subtle changes to their environment the troublesome apple of your eye is a little happier. Conversation actually become civil and people come away from their encounter and enthusiastically tell their friends about the delightful young man they spoke with recently.

I think you can see what I’m getting at!

Not only are you predicting and eradicating problems before they occur, you’re able to free up time and resource to drive innovation to help increase revenues whilst reducing overheads and customer churn.

Sleepless Nights

It’s impossible to put a true value on peace of mind; we often feel the constant worry is the cross we bear and part and parcel of our role as a parent and as an employee, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

The same as hearing the friends parents are going chaperoning the birthday party, with proactive monitoring, you can take confidence in the fact that your systems continue to be checked and monitored 24/7. Only ever alerting you or your team to genuine problems.

Removing this constant worry allows you to focus on more important things, like improving the system and enhancing the customer experience.

Not seeing the complete picture

Okay so we’re perhaps stretching the bounds of reality on this analogy, but try to stick with it!

Try to imagine, just for a moment, that your legacy used just a single social media account to communicate with friends (rather than all those we’ve yet to even hear of yet!) and you had insight to the conversation!

There’d be no more guess work and no need to try and figure out what’s happening in your child’s life by piecing together the brief snippets of information you get from the occasional share, view, comment, video, tweet, snap or text!

Having an all-seeing monitoring solution in place eradicates uncertainty and confusion. Team members can focus on one centralised monitoring platform rather than having to rely and be responsible for multiple systems, removing confusion and the potential of vital monitoring components being missed.

Most of us assume that the monitoring tools incorporated into our contact centre solution covers everything – if only that were true!

Like a teenager, it’s often easy to see what they’re up to when they’re at home but it’s what’s going on outside of your four walls that you need to worry about most!

This key area is the piece your inclusive monitoring tool is unable to see.

In Summary

So the true value of contact centre monitoring isn’t about validating what you believe to be true, it’s when you’re made aware of issues that would have gone unnoticed for an unquantifiable period of time and the immeasurable impact this would have on your business.

As well as highlighting issues before they impact your organisation to protect revenues and customers, proactive monitoring also offers the freedom and flexibility to drive improvements and enhancements to your existing operations, allowing you to continually improve your customer experience.

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