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Elevate Your Customer Experience

Perfect Your Customer Experience. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount. At Occam, we understand the challenges you face in achieving this goal. That’s why we developed Razor, a solution designed to address your challenges head-on.

With meticulous testing, continuous monitoring, and unbiased benchmarking of your voice communications, Occam’s Razor helps you elevate the standard of customer experience. Say goodbye to frustrating issues and deliver unparalleled service that sets new benchmarks in customer satisfaction.

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The map on the coverage page shows the networks covered in each country. You can use the map to see which network is available in the country you are interested in.

Seamless Global Telephony

Connect Anywhere, Anytime. Connectivity knows no boundaries, but ensuring a seamless experience for your customers can be a challenge. At Occam, we’ve developed Razor to empower you in achieving robust, accessible, and high-quality telephony services by identifying the issues of global telephony, from connectivity disruptions to toll-free number issues before they impact your customer.

With automated testing and monitoring capabilities, Razor covers international telephony infrastructure and ensures uninterrupted global connectivity. Connect with your customers anywhere, anytime, and leave behind the
obstacles of disconnected communication.

Optimize IVR Efficiency

Streamline Customer Journeys. Streamlining your customers’ journeys starts with an optimized IVR system. The negative impact you face when your IVR system doesn’t deliver a smooth experience can be far-reaching. That’s why we developed Razor’s comprehensive IVR Testing tool.
With Razor, you can effortlessly map, verify, and optimize your entire IVR system.

Say goodbye to inaccurate audio prompts and frustrated customers. Gain in-depth insights through audio transcription and precisely analyze the bottle-necks that hinder seamless customer journeys. With Razor, you’ll enhance customer interactions and streamline their experiences.

Synchronize Contact Center Ecosystems

Deliver Exceptional Experiences. In the dynamic environment of modern contact centers, seamless orchestration is essential for delivering exceptional customer experiences. At Occam, we understand the challenges of managing a complex contact center ecosystem. That’s why we developed Razor’s ground breaking Ecosystem Testing.

By automating and examining your entire contact center environment, Razor replicates the customer journey and identifies any glitches that impact experience. Proactively rectifying these bottlenecks ensures that your contact center ecosystem operates like a well-oiled machine, delivering exceptional service every time.

Embrace the Future: Revolutionize Customer Experiences Today

Your Partner in Customer Experience Transformation.
At Occam, we are committed to revolutionizing customer experiences. That’s why Razor is designed to be your partner in achieving customer experience excellence.

With our unwavering commitment to reliability, performance, and comprehensive features, we address your operational objectives head-on.

Razor transforms your customer experiences and helps you set the stage for future success. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have embraced the future with Occam’s Razor.

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Automated In-Country Testing

  • Razor ICC operates 24/7, proactively testing call quality and identifying issues
  • Real-time call origination from key locations around the world
  • Reduce testing costs and improve the customer experience

Comprehensive Measurement

  • Measure critical aspects that matter to you, from Audio Quality (MOS) to IVR Response
  • Monitor Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss, and Fraud Detection
  • Gain valuable insights for optimization

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Test across 60+ countries and 220+ mobile carriers
  • Benefit from audio comparison, transcription, 24/7 monitoring, and real-time alerts
  • Achieve comprehensive testing coverage

Addressing Contact Center Pain Points

  • Resolve issues like poor call quality, IVR system navigation difficulties, and carrier interconnect problems.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and contact
    center performance.

Focus on Mobile Networks

  • Test on specific mobile networks or landlines for In-Country DIDs and numbers
  • Ensure good quality calls from relevant mobile network operators
  • Enhance your mobile communication performance

Easy Deployment

  • AI-driven tool operates 24/7 on-demand
  • Receive real-time alerts for immediate issue detection.
  • Deploy with ease and efficiency

Competitive Advantage

  • Test with over 550+ mobile network operators worldwide
  • Enjoy cost-effectiveness, AI call quality assessment, and a broader
    set of testing criteria
  • Stay ahead of the competition

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