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Understanding In-Country Toll-Free
Number Testing

In-country toll-free number testing is a proactive specialized service designed to validate the efficiency and functionality of your toll-free numbers. In today’s customer-centric marketplace, excellent customer service is a non-negotiable standard.

With Razor’s comprehensive in-country dialling testing process, we verify the performance of your toll-free numbers across multiple area codes, including international numbers, using our mobile-first approach. This ensures that poor call quality can avoided with automated testing.

We test from twice as many mobile operators as our nearest competitor, reflecting the reality of increasing mobile usage over traditional PSTN. Learn more about this innovative process here.

in country toll free number testing

Why Choose Razor? Unravelling

Our Unique Selling Propositions

Mobile-First Coverage

As mobile usage continues to outpace PSTN, we have adapted by prioritizing testing over mobile networks. We provide coverage from twice as many mobile operators as our nearest competitor, ensuring a genuine reflection of the customer experience you deliver.

Proprietary AI-Based Software

Unlike traditional testing providers, we leverage AI to determine the success or failure of a test, bypassing  time-consuming, subjective human analysis. Our technology allows us to test call connectivity, SMS delivery and also audio quality, but the entire customer outbound call flow, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience.

Advanced Data Analysis

Our in-depth testing approach enables us to offer detailed insights into the overall customer experience with the same level of effort as using competitive tools. You gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer interactions, facilitating strategic decisions.

Competitive Pricing

At roughly half the price of our closest competitors, we deliver high-value services without compromising quality. Our pricing model allows you to double the frequency of your in-country number testing without breaking the budget.

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The Different Types of Numbers

Toll-Free Number

A telephone number that can be dialled without cost, commonly used by businesses for easy customer communication.

Domestic Toll-Free Number

Toll-free number dialled for free within the same country, offering convenient and cost-free customer contact.

Vanity Number

A memorable phone number that spells a word or uses a specific number sequence, enhancing brand recall.

Local Number

Telephone number with a local area code, providing a localized presence for businesses operating elsewhere.

Non-Geographic Number

Telephone number not tied to a specific location, enabling a single point of contact for customers regardless of location.

Razor ICC Inbound Call Testing:
Unleashing a Multitude of Benefits

Uncompromised Line Functionality

Our service ensures your toll-free number is up and always running, safeguarding your business from missed opportunities.

Elevated Customer Experience
We test and monitor every facet of the customer call flow, from carrier to agent tooling, ensuring your clients receive the best experience.
Insightful Analysis of Caller Pain Points

Our advanced AI tools provide a deeper dive into your customers’ calling experiences, pinpointing areas of potential improvement.

Comprehensive Customer
Experience (CX) Evaluation

Razor’s testing goes beyond just connectivity and audio quality. We assess your entire CX, including navigation functionality, call answering time, and quality.

Network Compatibility Testing

We confirm that your toll-free number connects successfully from all relevant mobile networks globally.

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Evaluating Your Customer Experience (CX) with Toll Free Number Testing

Our range of solutions helps you gain valuable insights that assist in evaluating and enhancing your overall customer experience:

Did the call connect? Ensure that your customers can reach you whenever they need your assistance. Our in-country testing measures the connectivity of your lines accurately, identifying any issues in real-time.

Was the call answering time appropriate? We test your system’s responsiveness, giving you insights into your call answering times.

What was the quality of the call like? We don’t just test connectivity; we also assess the quality of voice communication, helping you maintain high standards.

Did the call connect from all relevant mobile networks? Our tests cover all major and minor mobile networks in your target countries, ensuring your customers can reach you irrespective of their network provider.

If you’re ready to give your customers the best possible experience, it’s time to consider in-country testing services. Razor ICC can help you optimize your phone service, enhancing your customer service, and ultimately, boosting your bottom line.

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