Let's be honest, whilst number porting from one carrier to another is pitched as a straightforward and painless exercise it's rarely anything but!

For both the customer and the carrier it's often a period of high stress coupled with the regular use of expletives that would make even Gordon Ramsey blush.

Number porting can often be the first experience teams from both sides have of working with one another. Whilst a willingness to work together exists, the trust in each other's capabilities has yet to be formed creating an often unnecessary level of anxiety.

Not only can automated testing help reduce the stress levels like a hemp fire in a hippie commune; it also eradicates the timely and often expensive manual process of checking each number in a range individually.

A job that would take a team of individuals days to complete, ETS can check thousands of numbers within minutes and highlight errors immediately.

The super intuitive UI ensures that findings can be easily shared between all parties to ensure a collaborative approach to successfully completing the task.

Now doesn't that sound a little better than how you do it at the moment?


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