It's 2am, it's definitely working?

So you're confident that everything is just how is should be and life is good, but how do you make sure that your super snazzy system that's earnt you the adoration of your peers will continue to operate as it should do?

Well you have signed up for a monitoring system...sooooo....

Simply tell us the number you want us to call and what we're expecting hear (by either creating a fresh IVR script using the discovery tool or by setting up monitoring on successful functional tests you've carried out previously) and we'll let you and your team know via email or SMS if anything isn't performing as it should!

Monitor as frequently as you like, on as many branches as you like. You can also ask us to repeat a failed test to rule out a false positive before you get woken from your slumber.

As a nice little added feature, to save you from having to create a whole battery of tests for various scenarios, like a time of day welcome message, or an out of hours message. You can make a single test and just set variable expected responses.


Early Identification

Spot issues before your customers have to tell you.

Improved Experience

Ensure you're delivering on your brand promise.

Minimise Downtime

Early ID = Early resolution.

Actionable Data

Know where the problem lies without the need for a wild goose chase.


Unlimited Testing

With unlimited tests at your disposal you can monitor your systems as often as you like.


Glitches happen - ETS will re-run tests to ensure an issue exists before wasting your time with an email or text.

Email/SMS Alert

If something does go wrong ETS will email or text the appropriate teams with details of the problem.

Variable Responses

No need to create multiple monitoring tests. Variable prompts throughout the day can still be validated within a single test.

Flexible Scheduling

Create bespoke monitoring schedules to meet your specific requirements.


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