Time to see what this system can do!

Those clever guys from the development dungeo…office have created a programme that can literally replicate 1000's of customers dialing in to your call centre at the same time.

Not only are the calls placed, but each call is also analysed and recorded and if anything seems out of place our system alerts you to it immediately.

The flexibility of ETS allows you to create a wide range of different testing scenarios to meet your exact requirements; want to carry out a sustained capacity test? No problems, we've got you covered. Want to gradually increase the volume of calls being placed to see where potential limits are hiding? We can do that for you too.


Reduced Costs

Save a bucket load compared to our competitors and manually testing.

Faster Deployment

Let you customers enjoy the fruits of your (reduced) labour quicker.

System Validation

Make sure your system can handle the volume it's expected to.

System Benchmarking

Understand the lie of the land before trying to make changes.


Bespoke Test Scenario Options

With a bucket-load of options, you can create bespoke testing scenarios to meet your exact requirements.

Unlimited Testing

Zero limits mean you can test system capacity as often as you like.

Unlimited Simultaneous Calls

ETS can support x000's of concurrent calls so you can put your system through it's paces.


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