1200-ISTHISWORKING? ¿Puedes escucharme?

The benefits of in-country are so obvious even our Nan could tell you about them. But as there are only a handful of in-country number testing solutions out there, you need to make sure you're selecting the right one (the answer's us … BOOM! How's that for a slick sales link!)

We don't actually like all that used car salesman jive though, so we'll simply tell you how our in-country testing solution differs from the competition and the benefits we're already bringing to our customers and your competitors, then show you a picture of a llama in a hat. Okey?


First and foremost, our in-country testing solution offers more for your money than any other solution available worldwide, possibly even galactically. It's chock-a-block full of market leading features and technology that are automatically included in our low cost monthly fee.

We also cram in 5,000 inclusive minutes a month, so you can be sure that your contact numbers are always in tip-top condition.

Language Agnostic

Not only will ETS test that your line is operational, but it will also ensure that the IVR message being received is operating as it should be. Given the fact that our solution is the only (unless someone's keeping theirs secret!) language agnostic testing software available globally, you can use it literally anywhere on the planet…clever huh! (but not galactically… our Martian is atrocious)


With one of the largest footprints of any in-country testing solution, you can be sure that we can support you in even the most far flung locations.


We're also super flexible, which is not only helpful during our annual synchronised swimming event it also means that, if you want to do more than 5000 minutes worth of testing a month we can create bespoke bolt-on packages to match your requirements. And whilst we cover most of the map already, if there's a particular country that you need us to add to our testing estate we'll happily do so.

A Llama in a hat!


Ensure Operation Of ITFN's

Make sure your company is connected wherever your customer may be.

Early Identification

Discover outages before your customers do.

Minimise Downtime

Early ID = Early resolution.

Actionable Data

Know where the problem lies without the need for a wild goose chase.


Inclusive Minutes

ETS In-Country includes 5000 calling minutes.


Glitches happen - ETS will re-run tests to ensure an issue exists before wasting your time with an email or text.

Email/SMS Alert

If something does go wrong ETS will email or text the appropriate teams with details of the problem.

Variable Responses

No need to create multiple monitoring tests. Variable prompts throughout the day can still be validated within a single test.

Flexible Scheduling

Create bespoke monitoring schedules to meet your specific requirements.


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