Give this a go, tweak this, what if we were to…

So you've got a grip on how your IVR's performing (good or bad) and you've shared your findings with all and sundry within the business and everyone suddenly has an opinion on how things can be improved both for the business and the customer.

"Give this a go, tweak this, what if we were to…"

As we all know though, when you start changing things you can quickily find yourself in a pickle. Luckily though we thought of that.

ETS allows you to edit tests to reflect a future state so as you're making continual changes to your system you can test these changes and make sure things haven't gone skew-whiff before launching into production.

If we find an error, our system tells you where the problem is allowing you to rectify and test again.

Because we don't limit your access to ETS or restrict the number of tests you can run, it gives you complete freedom and control to perfect the experience you offer your customers.

no caps equals endless possibilities...or at least sentences all in lowercase.

Then, once you're happy that the system is working as you like, you can then monitor your system under the same parameters.

test result screenshot


Real-time Results

No need to hang about - see the test analysis as it happens.

Faster Deployment

Take the agile approach! Continually fine tune your customer experience to exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Reduced Overheads

More automation = reduced man hours .. simple really!

Move To Monitor

Once you're happy, easily monitor the changes you've deployed in your live environment with a click of a button!


Automatic IVR Script Creation

Run an IVR discovery and let ETS automatically collate all the elements required to carry out a comparative test.

Intuitive UI

Even the most (let's be nice!) technically challenged colleague can create and execute tests meaning ETS can be used company-wide.

Unlimited Testing

With no testing volume limits you can invoke a truly agile development strategy.

Audio Comparison

That's right, we compare audio with audio, making our analysis far more accurate than the competition.

AI Learning

ETS hears a lot more than we do but If you're happy to override a result, the system will adjust it's metrics for the next test.


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