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The ETS IVR Discovery tool automatically traverses an entire IVR system in minutes and provides an interactive map of a current configuration.

This information allows users to benchmark existing systems and make sure everything is set up and operating as expected. Teams and departments can work together to drive improvements and deliver updates to the IVR while referencing up-to-date and concise documentation.

With unlimited access to the IVR Discovery tool, documentation can be updated as soon as any changes are applied and shared with the rest of the organisation.

While compiling the IVR map, ETS also generates editable test scripts for each node, completely eradicating the need for time-consuming and lengthy manual script creation.

When a change is made within a pre-production environment, the development team can carry out a new Discovery, either assisted or automatically to capture those changes and automatically generate the appropriate test script. The QA team can then use this script to validate changes.

IVR Discovery and mapping is also available through our partner integrations. ETS can utilise contact centre providers API’s or VXML uploads to map out and discover customer call flows without the need to make any calls into the system. All required information to run tests is automatically uploaded from the Contact Centre system into ETS and tests can be executed immediately.

Assisted Discovery

If users want to create a new IVR script to test a specific change, rather than having to rerun a complete discovery, they’re able to carry out an assisted Discovery where the user can determine the route they’d like ETS to traverse through the IVR. A test script is built based upon the information captured through the Discovery.

as we like loads of different ice creams, we came up with two flavours!


Automatic IVR Discovery

With the ETS Discovery tool, users can quickly map out their entire IVR to benchmark their current operations and ensure shared documentation is entirely up to date.

Automatic Test Script Generation

ETS Discovery automatically creates fully editable tests scripts to ensure that every element of the customer journey, from connecting via the carrier to speaking with an agent is tested and analysed.

Language Agnostic

Our unique approach to verifying the correct IVR prompts are being received during a test not only makes ETS entirely language agnostic, but it also ensures that our verification is more accurate than other testing platforms and eradicates the reliance and accuracy of external STT or TTS technology.


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