Grab a backpack, it's time to get serious!

The worst thing about monitoring systems is the time it takes them to get just right. At Occam we felt this was one of the biggest hurdles for adopters. So we decided to do what we do best, built a bridge, dug a tunnel, strapped on some wings of steel and got round the problem.

And as we like loads of different ice creams, we came up with two flavours!

Automatic Discovery - aka Dora

Our fire and forget solution. Input the DDI you want our system to call and it will go off and weedle out every nook and cranny of your entire IVR system and build an interactive map of exactly what happens within your IVR.

Not only does this allow you to validate exactly what's going on, it also allows you to import this information in your test profiles for use at a later stage.

Guided Discovery

If you'd like a little more control over your mapping or you only want to map out a specific branch. Then a manual discovery is just your ticket!

How it works is that you tell us a phone that's next to you and the pilot of your IVR. We ring both numbers and then connect the calls together. This allows you to be in complete control of the route you take through the IVR. Whilst you're busy addressing DTMF prompts and "stating your name" when required, our system is busy making a note and recording each stage of the IVR so at the end of the call the complete IVR script is presented back to you so you can easily save and import into your test portfolio.

Change and edit the script to your hearts content before saving. You can even save any voice prompts you may have used during the call and bring these into any other IVR script.

test result screenshot


Automatic IVR Discovery

See what's going on within your IVR at the click of a button.

Issue Identification

Identify loops and dead ends with ease.

Automatic Test Script Generation

ETS does the hard work for you.

Interactive IVR Mapping

Because everyone likes a diagram that actually provides value.

CTI Testing

Ensure any data dips and backend operations are working as they should be


IVR Transcription

ETS provides a complete transcript of your IVR should you want it.

Two Discovery Approaches

Either let our horde of robots discover your IVR, or map a single path interactively yourself.

Audio File Creation

ETS grabs the required audio files directly from your IVR platform so you don't have to waste time with a manual upload.

Ambient Noise

Easily add background noise to ensure your IVR always operates as expected.


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