ETS Release Notes – v1.8

New Features

We’ve added some exciting new functionality.

  • Monitoring Alert Calls – In addition to Email and SMS, we can now call you with a customised message if a test fails.
  • Alert Summarisation – When disaster strikes we’ll still let you know something has gone wrong but we won’t spam you with multiple alerts.
  • Speech-To-Text Verification – IVR scripts now include the ability to analyse call audio and verify if a phrase is included. It even works with dynamic variables!


Bug Fixes

Some little tweaks to remove annoyances we’ve spotted.

  • Play audio button within an IVR Script.
  • Removed Groups from widget configuration.
  • Changing a monitoring test retry setting, doesn’t mark previous tests as Retry.
  • Interactive Discovery retry call returns to the make call screen.


System Improvements

These are changes to some of the more common tasks, to aid in a more user friendly experience.

  • Multiple Endpoints can now be configured with the same IP address.