ETS Release Notes – v 1.156

New Features

Some new functionality we’ve come up with ourselves or that has been suggested by our clever customers.

  • End-to-End Testing – Allows agents to make calls to a virtual destination, automatically configured by ETS. For further information please refer to the latest User Guide in the documentation area.
  • Improved API calls, allowing filtering on test cases by type, name and quantity of results returned. Please see the updated API v2 documentation for details.

System Improvements

These are changes to some of the more common tasks, to aid in a more user-friendly experience.

IVR Scripts are now Call Flows – To make these more representative of their functionality we have updated IVR Scripts to be called Call Flows, to signify that these configurations can capture not just IVRs, but Agent Questionnaires, Virtual Agents, IVA’s, Bots etc.

Additional Improvements

  • Names now configurable on outbound tests.
  • Punctuation ignored on Speech-To-Text verification steps.
  • Improved API resilience and fault tolerance.
  • SIP Ladder now displayed on outbound tests.
  • Additional details added to Outbound Tests table and Call Flows table.
  • Longer call flows allowed on Agent Tests

Bug Fixes

Some little tweaks to remove annoyances we’ve spotted.

  • Deleting an outbound test with no number assigned caused an error to be displayed.
  • Test case table search, removed the ability to cancel search if no results were found.
  • Adding a DID Range with the same name as a deleted range caused an error.