ETS Release Notes – v 1.14

New Features

Some new functionality we’ve come up with ourselves or that has been suggested by our clever customers.

  • Text To Speech functionality via the ETS API – generate an ETS audio file by sending a text string to the ETS API endpoint.
  • Customer-specific document library – Within ETS documentation pages, Occam can now share secure documents with you.

System Improvements

These are changes to some of the more common tasks, to aid in a more user-friendly experience.

The biggest change you’ll see is the test case screen has been given a revamp. This gives you more information and quicker access to results. The new layout changes also mean as we add additional features, they can be seamlessly integrated into the results screen. All the same functionality and buttons are there as before but you may notice they have moved to allow for easier navigation. Log in and let us know what you think, but for a sneak peek, here is a screenshot.

Screenshot of test case screen

Additional Improvements

  • Audio file selections are now searchable.
  • Delete users via the ETS GUI.
  • Simplified top-bar navigation.
  • Simplified test case dashboard.
  • Improved tables for larger datasets.
  • Specify the codec on SIP endpoints.
  • Database query optimisations.
  • Performance improvements to Report’s Test case selection.
  • Additional details on Failed Calls widget table.
  • Show call retries on a CSV report.
  • Return to parent added to a running scheduled test.
  • Our supported In-country options have been added to the ETS Documentation page.
  • Playback variable response audio choices within a test call summary.
  • Expired contracts downgrade to a PAYG functionality, to allow for continued use.
  • Confirm SMS alert functionality, before starting a test.
  • Call failure information added to the monitoring alert emails.
  • Force the refresh of the discovered IVR tree with a convenient new button.

Bug Fixes

Some little tweaks to remove annoyances we’ve spotted.

  • Issue switching between variable and non-variable DTMF steps.
  • Adding the same DDI range to a test caused incorrect number of calls to be generated.
  • Re-run of a test after contract expiration caused a page error.
  • Run now and scheduled reports displayed different information.
  • Call duration in Scheduled reports displayed incorrectly.
  • Failed calls not being displayed in some reports.
  • Recording audio via the browser does not auto-select the recording in form elements.
  • Adding Post Call Analysis steps potentially caused a form submit error on a test case.
  • Correct default call attributes applied on a selected fax test.
  • Erroneous dual data select on monitoring end date.
  • Sorting by Test State is not Alphabetical within Test Cases.