ETS Release Notes – v1.7

New Features

We’ve added some exciting new functionality.

  • User Interface – We’ve simplified and freshened up the ETS UI, all the same features are available but in a more streamlined presentation.
  • New IVR Discovery Tool – We’ve updated our IVR Discovery tool to give more control and flexibility to you the user in mapping out your network.
  • Integrated User Notification System – To enable you to be better in touch with what is happening on your ETS account, we’ve introduced a notification system, to alert you to important events.
  • Version 2 API – Our new API version comes with enhanced account manageability.


Bug Fixes

Some little tweaks to remove annoyances we’ve spotted.

  • Abbreviation of extended URLs on a web agent capture
  • Appending of country code on Bulk DDI uploads
  • Removed deleted tests from widgets and reports
  • Reports show User name instead of User ID
  • Data tables now ‘remember’ last state on a page refresh


System Improvements

These are changes to some of the more common tasks, to aid in a more user friendly experience.

  • Test Profiles have been removed. Following user feedback Test Profiles, were deemed cumbersome, so have been removed to allow a quicker testing experience.
  • User Groups removed.
  • General DDI Management, has been given an overhaul to make the process more agile. There is still work ongoing to improve this further.
  • Added Call Time to CSV reports to help correlate reports more efficiently
  • Simplified Test Case creation with company wide defaults. Setting defaults will now allow monitoring tests in particularly to be quickly created with less configuration.
  • Monitoring tests can now be paused, restarted or deleted in bulk from the Test Case overview page.
  • The Recents Tests section on the Overview will now include monitoring tests, so you have greater clarity on your ETS activity.