Automated Testing Software Solutions
for Contact Centres and Enterprise Customers Worldwide

Oh, you want to know more than that?!

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The Team

We are a small team of Noldor Warriors (technical department), Flash Gordons (sales) and Managers (who don't like being compared with anyone).

The Experience

After over a decade of professional experience together, providing voice and data solutions for global bluechip organisations, we have grown as people and canasta players, into a tight-knit company with the clear objective of providing innovative, useful and automated testing software to support contact centres and enterprise UC systems.


As sad as it is to admit, but we don't actually enjoy sitting on laurels, they're spikey and uncomfortable. So we prefer to work on clever and sparkling new ways to keep on the bleeding edge of industry features and services.


There isn't a lot in modern life that can be truly considered to be fair, but we like to think that by making all updates and improvements available for our customers without charging any upgrade fees is one of them. And we like how that feels.


Technology changes at a rate of a gabillion lightyears a nanosecond (more or less). All modern business is dependent on that technology and we all have to evolve quickly and efficiently with our customers. We keep our team small and agile, like a ninja on ice skates, so we can support your ever-evolving demands.


Data, big or small is the basis for all business decisions. We have spent a great deal of our career's working out ways to gather and present that information. Now we bring all of those tips and tricks together into a cohesive platform for the benefit of our clients.