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THe Occam Enterprise testing suite

One license providing a complete automated telephony testing solution

The Occam Enterprise Testing Suite (ETS) brings together a complete suite of testing solutions for your enterprise or call centre environment. Providing support, testing and analysis across your entire infrastructure.

Load/ Capacity Testing

ETS replicates the strain placed upon your telephony infrastructure during peak periods.

Generating real-world traffic and the recording the outcome of each call, Juggernaut ensures that your contact centre can continue to provide the highest possible customer experience and continually support the ever changing expectations of your business.

Functional/ Regression Testing

Reduce deployment time and UAT by implementing ETS to carry out automated tests across your entire network, rather than just the element that has been changed to ensure complete operational compliance every time a change is made to your environment before launching into production.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

ETS places regular calls across your network to ensure that systems are running as expected.

Any deviation from the previous test call or pre-defined limits set by your organisation are identified and an email or SMS alert is sent to the appropriate teams with a detailed report of the potential issue with the ability to re-test immediately after remedial work has been completed.



What we do @ Occam


Occam Networks provide Automated Testing Software Solutions to contact centres and enterprise customers worldwide.

We work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of our customers’ requirements so when a new solution is deployed we have a tried and tested solution readily available.

With a minimum of two updates annually, we present new features and services within the license ensuring our customers receive cutting-edge testing technology without having to pay a penny more than their original agreement.

Operating in this way offers our clients the agility and freedom to adapt their customer engagement activities to meet the ever-evolving demands of their business without encountering the barriers of additional overheads and a lengthy testing process.

This agility allows our customer to adopt a fail-fast approach to their customer experience, fully trialing and testing new technologies and services prior to deployment to not only achieve a competitive advantage but be seen as a trailblazer within their industry.

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make informed decisions. Our market leading testing solutions allow our customers to extract actionable data regarding their voice infrastructure in a simple and straightforward manner.

Alongside our ad-hoc testing, our monitoring solution ensures that our clients contact centre platform continually performs as expected, immediately alerting appropriate teams or individuals on identified issues.


THe team @ Occam

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Our small team is a cacophony of techie geeks, thought leaders, influencers and innovators who have worked together for the past 15 years.

Whilst unique in the skills and experience we each bring to the business, we share one common goal, to build exceptionally useful and simplistic automated testing software to support contact centres and enterprise customers worldwide.



OUR Values @ Occam


Placing focus on simplicity, value and flexibility. Occam Networks deliver automated testing, analysis and anti-fraud solutions to telecoms operators, enterprise customers and contact centres worldwide.

Providing easy-to-use software, coupled with support and insight from top industry experts and influencers. Occam Networks is one of the leading automated testing and anti-fraud providers globally.


Our solutions are designed to remove the complexity of testing and analysis and present key information as and when required in a simple, straightforward format allowing our customers to rapidly adapt and react to the needs of the business and it's customers, whilst providing peace of mind that customer engagement platforms are always running as expected.


In any industry, costs and overheads stifle innovation and flexibility, forcing companies to weigh up the advantages offered to customers against the increased costs to the business.


Our straightforward, cost efficient solutions allow customers of any size the freedom and flexibility to constantly innovate and improve their customer experience, focusing solely on the needs of their customers without having to factor in additional overheads.


our testing solutions

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ETS replicates real world, simultaneous, customer calls to your call centre and ensures your system is built to withstand even the highest level of customer expectation during your busiest periods.

Prior to the launch of a new system, a capacity test ensures that your solution has been built to specification and can meet the requirements of the business.

ETS can also be utilised to test your current infrastructure to ensure it's performing as expected and at optimum efficiency, before investing in a costly, time-consuming upgrade.

Our unlimited testing model allows you to generate bespoke testing cycles within ETS tounderstand how your systems operate under various different scenarios to ensure a consistent customer experience.



Regular system upgrades, patch releases and changes to IVR applications are inevitable and while new technology and development techniques offer ample opportunity for agility; a lengthy, manual testing process prior to placing any changes into production present unnecessary and often costly delays.

ETS allows you to perform comprehensive functional and regression tests at the click of a button. ETS provides assurances that your applications are delivering the expected customer experience in a fraction of the time compared with other testing methods while reducing the risk of an upgrade being deployed prior to being throughly soak tested.

ETS also offers you the freedom and flexibility to change your customer facing communication applications as required, increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing the reputation of the business.

ETS records calls for playback and analysis and aligns these with real-time and historical reports to help identify faults faster than traditional manual testing.



The key to providing any great customer experience is to be proactive rather than reactive; to identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your customer and your business KPI's. 

ETS allows you to implement a proactive approach to your entire contact centre infrastructure.

ETS monitors production environments by placing test calls across the network at intervals determined by you. The results are monitored in real-time, identifying even the slightest variance from previous test calls or any breach in you pre-test thresholds.

Sending detailed information via SMS or email, ETS proactively alerts you of potential issues allowing you to address and resolve issues before they become a large-scale problem.

While addressing the reported problem, ETS allows you to deploy and immediate, identical re-test, presenting real-time results to ensure the issue is resolved.

As well as monitoring your production environment, ETS can also routinely monitor your resilient or backup environments. Ensuring that, in the event of an outage on your production environment you can be confident of business continuity.



The versatility of of the Juggernaut testing parameters allows for a number of different testing scenarios and patterns;

  • Single Pattern Testing
  • Baseline Testing
  • Progressive Testing
  • Capacity Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Sustained Load Testing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-site Testing

Intuitive UI

Our easy-to-use web interface allows you to make changes to the structure of your test plan as appropriate, offering a wide range of variables that can be adapted and reported upon ensuring the test captures specific information around your business requirements.

SMS/Email Alerting

When Occam identifies a discrepancy between previous monitoring calls or any errors that fall outside predetermined acceptable thresholds, an email/SMS alert is sent to pre-assigned team members/individuals highlighting the potential problem.

Complete Testing

Occam Networks are uniquely connected to a number of Tier One Network carriers worldwide. Allowing us to replicate real world, simultaneous, customer calls via a direct SIP connection, as well as automate live test calls via the public telephone network ensuring your entire telecoms infrastructure is tested.

Realtime Audio ID System (RAIDS)

Our state-of-the-art audio recognition software monitors your IVR responses and highlights calls that fail to receive the anticipated message whilst recording the received message for later analysis. Entire IVR paths can be tested in a matter of hours rather than days.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible delivery options give you the option to choose between an in-cloud or on-premise deployment.

Tailored Scheduling

Our easy-to-use web interface lets you create a monitoring schedule and routine that's unique to your b usiness requirements





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Occam Networks is aiming high. Our rapid growth is matched only by the pace in which we operate and the ambitious goals we aspire to.
Change is constant and we’re always on the lookout for the right people to come onboard and to make a positive impact to the business.
If you, or anyone you know would like to become part of the Occam team, then please drop us a email;


Account Executive

A role at Occam Networks in London could be the right fit for your career move. We are currently looking to recruit a high-energy, driven Account Executive with relevant experience in Software or IT Solution sales, and a value-driven sales approach. Ideal candidates should possess strong B2B sales and account management experience and a solid track record selling into the UK market. Occam Networks offers a fast-paced, innovative environment where you will be provided the tools, resources, and outstanding leadership to sell business application solutions.

Role Details

Learn Occam Networks' innovative products, platform and value proposition Work in partnership with the rest of the team for all sales leads and sales opportunities Drive a high volume of sales by managing the complete sales process Up-selling and leveraging business from new and established customer relationships Strengthen client relationships through regular engagement and face-to-face meetings Managing industry events and user groups to generate market interest Attend industry recognised sales training programmes

Requirements for the Role

  • Technology sales experience (preferably Software or Business Applications)
  • Solid sales forecasting abilities and revenue achievement
  • Successful history of net new business sales
  • A background in inbound and outbound prospecting and closing of new business
  • Consistent overachievement of quota and revenue goals
  • Fluent in English
  • Willingness to Travel

Senior Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Engineer to drive technology decision-making within the core development team at Occam Networks. The person filling this role will be a 100% hands-on Engineer, working very closely with a Senior Lead within an the Agile development process.

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of increasing technical responsibility, decision making and success. This job requires strategic thinking and planning to provide technical leadership and expertise throughout the development lifecycle.

You will work with a team of demanding, highly motivated software engineers and will be expected to both challenge and be challenged.

Your impact:

  • Designing and implementing major pieces of the Occam Networks back-end systems - principally around campaign build and bulk upload systems.
  • Leading by example as a hands-on developer, contributing high quality, fully unit tested production ready code and providing detailed feedback in design and code reviews.
  • Resolving complex technical issues and drive innovation that improves system availability, resiliency, and performance.
  • Working closely with the rest of the technology leadership team, including development, quality engineering, and technical operations to further our technical strategy and communicate it to the wider team as appropriate.

Experience/Skills Required:

  • Deep knowledge of .Net and experience developing and tuning highly available server-side applications
  • 8+ years experience building and improving highly available web based systems
  • Ability to learn quickly and deliver high quality code in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment
  • Highly effective communication skills

Experience/Skills Desired:

  • Non-microsoft tecnologies such as Angular and Mongo would be useful
  • Any experience of data science technology is a bonus


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